The King of small constrictors: The Chainking
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Rare eastern Kingsnake and corn snake morphs
Welcome to the world of the Eastern Kingsnake, also known as the Chainking. These animals come in a wide variety of patterns and colors. I am currently working with some rare morphs of Eastern Kingsnakes from several specific localities as well as the rarest Cornsnake morph currently known in the world. Named the Golden Cornsnake it is a cornsnake with a light gray background and beautiful golden blotches.

My breeder animals are locality specific and are hand-picked by myself for their clean, beautiful or unusual markings. My main goal is to simply breed for certain desirable traits for the love of the hobby.

If you're into kingsnakes and cornsnakes, I always welcome any thoughts, information or questions you may have concerning these beautiful animals. You may e-mail me anytime if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting, and once I complete my tour in Afghanistan in 2009,  I hope to launch my site and post pics of my unique collection.
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